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Standing Punch Bag - Kick Dummy

As seen on Tonight with Jay Leno!

As seen on Tonight with Jay Leno
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Punch bag

Between training sessions, you need a way to fine-tune your moves and maintain your fitness. Kick Dummy is the closest you'll get to a real live sparring partner.

Inflatable, sturdy and portable, Kick Dummy can be used at the gym, at home or whilst travelling. Unlike a traditional punchbag, Kick Dummy has legs, making it ideal for practising kicks and punches. Kick Dummy is the realistic training tool that acts like your personal sparring partner.

Punch Bag

Staying constantly active is important for any sportsman, and you will need a way to hone your moves and keep your fitness at its optimal level even between training sessions. This is where Kick Dummy enters the picture as this helpful exercise aid is the closest thing that you will get to a living, breathing training partner. This free standing inflatable punch bag can be used for both adults and kids alike in the gym, at home or while out on the road. It is shaped like a fully-grown adult and includes legs so that you can properly practise your kicks and punches in almost any situation. It does not need to be hung from the ceiling either, and can be moved from place to place with ease. While your sparring partner is away, Kick Dummy will stand in, providing you with the perfect tool to continue training at all times. Its water-based feet allow it to return to its upright position regardless of how much force you hit or kick it with. It is also made from some incredibly durable material, promising you years of practising and honing your fighting skills. Those searching for the ultimate free standing punching bag can stop their search right here on our website. Kick Dummy is the perfect replacement while your training partner is away and will provide you with a solid workout that hones and maintains your fitness, skills and techniques anywhere from your home gym to your local fitness centre.

Effective Home Training

Kick Dummy can be used for a variety of training types and is effective at improving both your speed and power. By setting it up in an area that has plenty of space, you will be able to hit and kick it as hard as you want to the torso, head or legs. Feel free to use as much force as you like and Kick Dummy will just pop back up, ready for more. This realistic training tool can also be used to hone your speed. By placing it against the ropes, you can unleash a powerful combination of kicks and punches in rapid succession. Because it is free-standing, it will then move around as you connect with it, providing even more realism for when you fight against a live opponent. Lastly, for the parent looking for a fun way to exercise their child, Kick Dummy is a kids inflatable punching bag kids will love. Keep your children happy, active and healthy by purchasing one of these effective sparring tools. For more information on this product, have a look over our website. We have an extensive FAQ section especially for those who want to know more and an on-site video so you can see Kick Dummy in action. This portable training tool can also be purchased through our site and will be sent to your home within 14 days. We will also throw in a bonus instructional DVD so that you can then easily improve your overall fighting abilities.