The Kick Dummy system

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Frequently-asked questions

Q. How tough is Kick Dummy? Will it split?
A. I still have my original Kick Dummy which I made nearly 2 years ago. It's still standing and it's taken some real punishment.

Just to make sure, we dropped a Kick Dummy from a 2-storey balcony and every time the water based feet have survived. Not satisfied with that, we even ran Kick Dummy over with a Transit Van at speed, and it was unharmed. See for yourself in this short video.
Q. Will the Kick Dummy fall over?
A. The water based feet mean you can hit, kick or punch the Dummy it will absorb the impact and then immediately right itself. The Kick Dummy will not 'fall over'.

However, it can be made to lie down for storage. Lie the Kick Dummy flat and it will stay in place. Ideal to store it away behind a sofa.
Q. Do I need a pump to inflate Kick Dummy?
A. It is not necessary to use a pump. It only takes a couple of minutes of continuous 'puff' to inflate fully.
Q. How can I store away Kick Dummy?
A. There is a quick release valve - so the Kick Dummy can be deflated effortlessly and folded away.
Q. What's on the DVD?
A. The DVD is an instructional guide that leads you through the moves step by step. Once you have been instructed in the correct actions it is necessary to practice the moves. The DVD includes a great 3 minute routine which forms the basis of your day to day practice. Follow along for just two weeks and you will have learned these moves and made them your automatic response.
Q. What should I wear when using Kick Dummy?
A. Relaxed clothing.
Q. How do I put clothing on Kick Dummy?
A. Dressing your Kick Dummy is optional. If you want your Dummy to wear shorts or cut-off jeans then you must put them on the Dummy before you inflate it. Put shorts on your Dummy in an deflated state and then inflate.

Please note that the shorts shown in the video and pictures on the website are not included with the product.
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Video showing just how tough Kick Dummy is