Boxing training
with Kick Dummy

Between training sessions, you need a way to fine-tine your moves and maintain your fitness. Kick Dummy is the closest you'll get to a real live sparring partner.

Inflatable, sturdy and portable, Kick Dummy can be used at the gym, at home or whilst travelling. Unlike a traditional punchbag, Kick Dummy has legs, making it ideal for practising kicks and punches. Kick Dummy is the realistic training tool that acts like your personal sparring partner.

Great boxing moves to do with Kick Dummy

Power work

Set Kick Dummy up in plenty of space - in the ring, in the gym or at home, and use him for power practice work. Practice power punches to the head and to the torso - hit him as hard as you like and he'll pop back up for more.

Speed work

Set Kick Dummy against the ropes for multiple-punch and speed practice. Like a real opponent, Kick Dummy will move between hits, so you'll improve your coordination and speed.


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Video of Kick Dummy being used for boxing training