Karate training
with Kick Dummy

Perfect your karate technique by training any time and anywhere. Kick Dummy is portable, storable and highly-durable, making it the ideal training partner for home, travel or the gym.

Neil Summers, 1st Dan black belt in karate, who learned whilst living in Japan in 1988, explains how he uses Kick Dummy in his Karate training:

In Japan, I met a 9th Dan karate master. He took me under his wing and introduced me to the sport, guiding me to my black belt. Training with him immersed me in the real, orthodox karate. I continued to practise when I returned to the UK. I now do my own day-to-day practise using Kick Dummy.

My favourite Kick Dummy moves for Karate

Back fist strike and elbow

A back fist strike, followed immediately by an elbow to the throat, is one of my favourite combinations. In a class setting, you'd have to practise in thin air, or find a brave partner to volunteer their throat. But you'd have to stop short of making contact. Kick Dummy enables you to push through your opponent, using full force without holding back. Because it's realistic and life-size, it gives you a specific target to aim for.

Stand face to face with the Kick Dummy and raise your left arm to shoulder height. Swing your arm quickly and use the back of your fist to make contact with the throat. Immediately step in close to the dummy and follow through with a blow from your right elbow.


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