Training for Kickboxing and MMA with Kick Dummy

Alex Campbell, 3rd degree black belt competitive kickboxer and instructor at Surbiton Martial Arts, explains how he uses Kick Dummy for his Kickboxing training:

"Kickboxing is fast, exciting and demands lots of skill. It's exceptionally important to train between club sessions so you can get maturity of repetition. I use Kickdummy at home three times a week. It's not heavy, so I use it for accuracy and single shots, as well as advanced techniques. And it's so realistic, it helps psychologically."


My favourite Kick Dummy kickboxing moves

The Blitz

For this single shot, you push off your back toe and cover the distance quickly. Because Kick Dummy has give, you don't have to stop on impact. Kick Dummy allows you to express the technique fully.

Bend your left leg in front of you with your knee over your foot, so you can't see your left foot. Extend your left arm in a press towards Kick Dummy. Turn your right hip so you're square on and punch with your right hand. Simultaneously, take a step with your right leg.


The Side Kick

Side kicks are aimed at your opponent's torso but it's very easy to miss if you don't know what you're aiming for. Kick Dummy is realistic so it's great for accuracy, teaching you to kick through your opponent. By popping back up, Kick Dummy lets you carry on with your next move.


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