Tae Kwon Do training
with Kick Dummy

Scott Coombs, 3rd degree black belt, chief instructor and examiner and founder of the street-based system Dynamic Self-Defence explains how he uses Kick Dummy for training:

"Dynamic Self-Defence isn't a pretty martial art, but it is simple and effective. Huge amounts of power can be generated with very little effort, if you get the technique right.

It's important to train between classes, for basic conditioning as well as technique. I use Kick Dummy in class and at home. It's great for speedwork and drills, and its the way it flexes means we can practise putting the torso into a series of holds."

My favourite Kick Dummy moves for DSD and Tae Kwon Do

Elbow choke to the face and knee strike

Supporting the shoulder of Kick Dummy, deliver an elbow strike to the face. With your left leg forward, drive off your rear leg to use the right elbow. Follow through to reach behind Kick Dummy's neck with the same arm. Bring your forearm round under its throat, lock into a choke and pull Kick Dummy forward to expose the sternum. Then drive your rear knee into the sternum.

For this kind of manoeuvre, we need something which will flex like a human body. Kick Dummy is easy to reach around and grab hold of. It enables you to use full power without holding back. And, as it will fall to the floor, we can do valuable groundwork practice, too.


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