It's not always safe to be out by yourself.

Do you have one fail-safe move which would allow you to get away - fast?

Self-defence classes are a great start. Kick Dummy has the size, shape and build of a man for ultra-realistic self-defence training. Build your confidence by using Kick Dummy to perfect your moves in the privacy of your own home, whenever you want. Durable, portable and storable, Kick Dummy is ideal for practising on between lessons or after your course is over.

Included DVD shows you how!

Your Kick Dummy includes a DVD that teaches you step-by-step several life-saving self-defence moves. These are moves that you won't see anywhere outside of special forces training camps because they can stop an attacker with just one strike. Practise them on Kick Dummy so if you ever need them, you can stop the attacker and get away.

  • Kicking moves if you're standing
  • Fist and kick moves if you're attacked from behind
  • Arm and hand strikes if you've been knocked down

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Video showing the how training with Kick Dummy could help you to get away from an attacker