The Kick Dummy system

Safety information

  1. The techniques demonstrated on this website, and in the DVD accompanying the product are solely for informational purposes.
  2. These techniques should be used for the purposes of self defence only. They are ONLY to be used to protect your life or another from being seriously injured or possibly killed. The best form of self defence is to avoid physical confrontation where possible.
  3. You accept responsibility for the proper use of any such techniques.
  4. We make no warranties or guarantees or representations as to the effectiveness of any such techniques or that you will be able to protect yourself in every confrontation you are faced with.
  5. This website and the DVD accompanying the product is not a substitute for professional instruction and supervision. Anyone who attempts any of these techniques, under supervision or not, assumes all risks.
  6. You should always consult your doctor prior to beginning any exercise of physical training programme. Should you experience any strain stop immediately and seek the advice of a medical professional.